Sunday, August 20, 2006

My feeling about the final assignment

It is not a perfect work. However, this is the most valuable piece I have ever done. I have received some comments from my classmates and keep modifying my design. Reflection is an important process I have gone through quite often. Sometimes, viewing others' work can give me some insights such as the use of colours etc. As a result, my final product is very different from the original design because I have learnt a lot and made improvements on it.
The use of Flash is an unforgettable experience to me. I have too little knowledge to allow me to finish my work. Therefore, what I rely on is the demos produced by Daniel. I read through his designs again and again and made good use of them in my learning object. Although I have used up a lot of time, it is worth doing that because the sense of satisfaction is so great which overwhelms the problems I have come across.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Final submission

Two steps to view the effects.
  1. Input the time.
  2. Move the slider.

The Raw File


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Revised interactive representation

I have created another Flash file. I still need to solve the following problems.

First, when the present time is 0, the red line will not return to 0.
Second, when the slider is dragged along the line, simple tenses will appear. When the slider is released, progressive tenses will appear.
Third, The sentence - 'I was sleeping at 7' (the position of slider determines the time) should be shown, but I don't know how to display the time for doing exercise (which is the result of movement) in action script.

I have tried to remove the black backgrounds of the pictures in Firework.It is not nicely done. If you have any better suggestions to edit the pictures, please leave a line for me.

Feel free to leave any comments here.

Move the slider to view the effect.

Friday, July 28, 2006

The use of blogs

It is quite innovative to use blogs as a medium to learn. I want to express some opinions on that.

There are some advantages of using blogs (I think).
  1. It increases my sense of ownership of the work. I can choose my template design (or even edit html to change the default design) and display our work freely on our own blog. Just like me, I have picked up the template with blue colour because I love blue madly. Of course, creativity can also be employed to design my own blog.
  2. It allows the display of work in different formats such as movie, graphics and I can view them immediately once I view the blog. In contrast, I often save our image or movie as attachments in ILN and I have to click before they are shown to me.
  3. It encourages me to take a more active role in learning. In blog, I can post messages and trigger off discussions freely. Others may also take the initiative by commenting on my work. As a result, we may have more insightful discussions. In ILN, I seldom start my own discussions and often just wait for my instructors to give me questions. Then I will respond to them.

Here are two disadvantages I have discovered so far.

  1. I have to click on URL addresses one by one to view all my classmates' blogs. The discussions are scattered in individual blogs. We may discuss the same topic in different blogs where others may not know. It is difficult to gather ideas. In contrast, ILN serves as a centralized room for our sharing since all of us know that this is the place for us to discuss.
  2. I need to republish the blog again once I have edited my messages. It is more time-consuming than posting messages in ILN. However, it allows me to edit my messages from time to time. It is impossible in ILN.

Besides, someone who is not studying in this course can also view the blogs. The URL address of the blog may be sent to others and they can view the blog. In ILN, user names and passwords may forbid them from doing so. Some owners of blogs may not like this idea because of privacy but links may lead unwanted visitors to the blogs.

Anyway, 'blog' is not a new idea to me since I have got one myself but it is the first time for me to use it for learning.

A PowerPoint-based prototype of my interactive visual representation

Originally, I planned to illustrate the ideas of different tenses but I have found that I am too aggressive. Since we are allowed to present our ideas in one scene only, I have modified my topic a little bit. I need to think more carefully for what to present in the scene. Simplicity is crucial in my representation. However, I want students to distinguish the difference between simple and progressive tenses. Progressive tenses are used to describe incomplete actions at a specific time. Here are two versions I want to develop. In order to deliver my ideas more clearly, I have created PowerPoint slides to show the finished products. Due to technical problems, I am still working on the versions in Flash. Indeed, Daniel has helped me develop the first version in Flash but after the production, I find that there are some problems in my design. Therefore, I have to seek help from him and you as well. Please feel free to leave comments for me. Thank you.

First version (produced by PowerPoint)

Incomplete first version (produced by Flash)

Second version (produced by PowerPoint)

Reflection from the eighth lesson

The slider is a good way to express the relationship between two items. I may try to make good use of it in my project.
I have watched back the videos about Flash taken by Daniel these days, I realize that I can understand much more such as the functions of movie clips, buttons. I also appreciate the marvellous work done with these symbols.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reflection from the seventh lesson

I have explored the software- Flash in this lesson. After discussing with Daniel, I realize that I can improve greatly my final project. I look forward to learning to make a slider next lesson.