Thursday, July 06, 2006

Storyboard for my final assignment

Let me explain more about my design. The design is quite complicated and it may not be worked out.

I would like the user to input the date and time at that moment. Then, a timeline which is the most important component in the design appears. The first input is indicated in a timeline with a red arrow.
It is followed by another input of date and time. The user also chooses an action from a list which gives more varieties. The sentence with appropriate tense will be shown and a blue mark will be found on the timeline as well. If the blue mark is on the left of the red arrow, it implies that the incident happens in the past. On the contrary, it implies that the incident happens in the future.

Here is the design. Please comment. Thank you.

Tentative storyboard


Blogger Christina MLIM said...

The idea is good, but I think more function keys (buttons) or indicators you should consider to add. When I first read the ppt, I cannot catch what it is doing.

But anyway, I like grammatical exercise.

11:56 am  
Blogger Sincere said...

Thank you for your suggestion. Actually, I have considered that but I am afraid that I am incapable of completing such a complicated project. I would like to seek help from others before doing that.

3:21 pm  
Blogger Mr. Chan CB said...

I just like to show my appreciation for your idea because presenting language as a conceptual model is a very difficult task. I had thought about doing this. But then I gave up because I wasn't sure how it can be made interactive. Thanks for showing me how this idea can be pulled off.

May I offer you 2 suggestions?

1. Unlike maths where there can be limited numbers to calculations, with language, the repertoire to vocabulary is limitless. You'll need to decide how many words you're going to incorporate into the learning object that is:

(a) feasible to be completed within a limited time span (i.e. our project deadline); and

(b) sufficient for your students to understand the simple tense concept and learn new vocabulary at the same time.

2. I wonder if you would decide to be more ambitious with your design by including the:

(a) continuous tense;
(b) perfect tense; and
(c) perfect continuous tense.


I think the above tenses are a little problematic for students (including myself) in learning a second language that the grammatical structure is different from Chinese.

One way of using Flash to incorporate 2(a)-(c) in your learning object would be to probably use different key frames. Using the same timeline, the user can click on different buttons for the different verb tenses.

If you can do that, I'm sure your learning object will be a very powerful teaching tool. I'll be looking forward to your end product.

10:48 am  
Blogger Sincere said...

Thank you for your comments. Your ideas are very good. I need to equip myself more technical skills next lesson before I know whether I can make further improvement.

10:58 pm  
Blogger steelboy28 said...

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11:41 am  

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