Sunday, August 20, 2006

My feeling about the final assignment

It is not a perfect work. However, this is the most valuable piece I have ever done. I have received some comments from my classmates and keep modifying my design. Reflection is an important process I have gone through quite often. Sometimes, viewing others' work can give me some insights such as the use of colours etc. As a result, my final product is very different from the original design because I have learnt a lot and made improvements on it.
The use of Flash is an unforgettable experience to me. I have too little knowledge to allow me to finish my work. Therefore, what I rely on is the demos produced by Daniel. I read through his designs again and again and made good use of them in my learning object. Although I have used up a lot of time, it is worth doing that because the sense of satisfaction is so great which overwhelms the problems I have come across.


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